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This is a community for players of Kingdom of Loathing. Post questions, tips, comments, or new discoveries!

Anything that gives away plot should be placed behind an LJ cut. The use of descriptive non-spoiler text is strongly encouraged. Entries which do not adhere to this guideline may be deleted and reposted with credit to the original poster. If this becomes a frequent problem, the community may go moderated.

If you do not know how to use the LJ cut feature, instructions can be found here.

Special Note: If you have found the secret code for the Strange Leaflet, congratulations! However, this information should not be posted in the community, in an entry or in comments.

Questions in this community tend to repeat a lot. Tagging of entries is strongly suggested, so that the information is easy for others to find later. Here is an index of topics that have come up in the past; click the link to get information on those topics. The answer to your question may already be there! (Note: Some of the posts and comments may contain spoilers. You've been warned.)

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