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Kingdom of Loathing Players Community
Clan Advert! 
3rd-May-2009 05:19 pm
Hey all!

We're looking for some people who do not expect too much clan activity like competitions and warfare and stuff, but who do appreciate the benefits of a clan like additional adventures and meat trees. As of yesterday, we even have a pool table. We would appreciate finding enough players for some good Hobopolis runs. So far, we're 3-4 active players (i.e, players that are not stuck in HC and/or MIA).

So far, we've mostly spoken German in the clan, because due to a strange coincidence, we're all Germans. We all can speak English though, so I suppose we could change that, but ideally, you speak/understand German, too. :)We officially switched to English as of yesterday.

But if we think you're really really cool and if you want to run around through the Sewers with us and clear Hobopolis and eventually try to do real Hobopolis runs and your German is nonexistent and you hate HC, then feel free to apply anyway, or comment here to ask any questions!

=> Ultramagnetic PCs. Clan Leader - Monosylabik (#554964) (that's me)

Thanks for reading!
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