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Kingdom of Loathing Players Community
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30th-Dec-2011 08:46 am(no subject)
Anyone wanting a few stocking stuffers before Crimbo Town goes away?

Also, they're about to stop stocking the two-Mr-A fairychaun and volleychaun familiars in the Mr Store, and replace them with spleen and content familiars.
30th-Nov-2011 09:22 pm - 'Tis the Season.
Advent calendars have arrived at a campsite near you. The count-down to Crimbo begins.
24th-Sep-2010 03:48 pm(no subject)
Is there any way to prevent dolphins from stealing drops while adventuring in the ocean?
22nd-Sep-2010 03:23 pm(no subject)
Its about time for a muthafuckin RABBIT
Hey guys, I'm trying to revamp my display case and would love some ideas.

I'm working on shelves for The Beatles, Serial Killers/Killings, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Things that are Blue, and Pervy items. A little bit discombobulated to be sure, but it's what I'm doing.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I've only got the starts of the Beatles and HHGTTG shelves up, but if you want to see what I've already got, I'm Karula on there.
10th-Sep-2010 01:30 pm - Quest driving me mad
Anyone have any advice (apart from the less-than-helpful wiki page) on defeating the Spaghetti Demon at the end of the Nemesis Guild quest? My Lvl 16 Pastamancer is having a hell of a time with this bad boy, even with Entangling Noodles. My strategy so far has been to just buff-up my HP and hit it with whatever I can (Weapon of the Pastalord, mostly, with a Flavor of... to add a little more damage). I don't have Funkslinging permed from my past life as a DB, so combat items haven't been so helpful. Any options I'm overlooking? Thanks bunches, folks!
2nd-May-2010 12:41 pm - Discrimination against spellcasters
Why is it that the Travelling Trader's skills for myst classes are so crappy? The AT and TT ones both have real uses; the S and P ones just don't seem likely to get cast in anger.
10th-Dec-2009 01:16 pm - Spooky Mushroom
Hijinks Ensue
minnesotatoast hosted a lovely Gingerbread party this last weekend. geometrician and I made a home together. Then, because we're dorks and we both play Kingdom of Loathing too much, we made a Spooky Mushroom to guard our campground. Geo even made a Bitchin' Car, but it wasn't made of meat, it was made of sweeter things.   Spooky Mushroom
14th-Nov-2009 12:07 pm - Items disappearing from inventory?
Yesterday I was trying to make some progress on the "An Old Guy and the Ocean" quest, getting my ass kicked by various fishies left and right. I log in today to go back for more, and I find I have no Little bitty bathysphere in my inventory. Has this happened to anyone else (either this item or others)? It can't be traded or discarded, so I know I didn't accidentally sell it, or trade it to my other account or my clan. Ideas?
Death, death, Niel Gaiman
Are clans necessary? I know you can finish the game without them, but am I missing things by not joining a clan? I'm fairly new to the game, a level 15 Turtle Tamer and a level 14 Disco Bandit, and haven't ever ascended, if that helps your decision.

On a completely different note, does anyone else use Firefox with KOL? It won't work at all for me, and hasn't for about a week. I've had to go back to Internet Explorer. ETA: It's not just white-screening me anymore, but now it acts as though I've double-clicked when I haven't. When I use something, it tells me I don't have the item. The effect for whatever items still happen. And this doesn't happen in Internet Explorer. ETA2: Crisis averted! The moral of the story is to get the latest version. *facepalm*

Hopefully the last ETA: Thank you everyone! I have finally decided to join up, and now I just have to figure out where.
20th-Jul-2009 04:20 am - Noblesse Oblige Presents:
What would you do with slime nodules?

1. One entry per person, so make your first entry your best entry
2. We will provide the fees for opening the slime tube, 1 bundle of chamoix
3. You should be capable of providing 1 gall bladder squeeze in order to recieve the nodules
4. You will recieve all loot drops from mother slime(nodules, skill glands, outfit piece, alveoli and chamisole(if it drops))
5. We will come to your slime tube or we can provide a slime tube that you can come to
6. Members of Noblesse Oblige will be randomly choosing 1 story each day based on a secret complex rubric of funniness, uniqueness, effort, and roflfactor.
7. The final 2 nodules will be awarded on Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Please see forum thread/click link for entry details!
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